Friday, 30 January 2009

Bank-Note-Book - Book No. 0002

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25th March 2009 - UPDATE: I am now making these Bank-Note Books with endpapers made with my handmade paper that use shredded £20 bank notes as inclusions. See here for details.

So, if we swap, you'll receive a Bank-Note-Book with bank note paper endpapers, 3 different sheets of other of my papers, and a tiny amount of shredded bank notes for you to experiment with.


Today I made 8 little single signature pamphlet note books from some old banknotes i've had for some time.

Book No. 0002 circa 2.5x2.5 in (7x7cm) 24 to 32 relued pages.

I've got an idea in my head that i could swap these with anyone who is interested in either putting a link to my blog on their page, or sending me a sheet of paper or a simple pamphlet that they have personally made. To that end, I've bought job lot of uncirculated banknotes from Ebay to make them from. If anyone is interested, email me at email at for a chat about what we can swap. If we do a swap, i'll publish info, and photos of items swapped.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

My First Book - Book No. 0001

With the 2 papers I'd produced, it was time to try a book. I used 2 thicker sheets of the Paper No. 0001 for each of the 5 signatures, and used a folded sheet of Paper No. 0002 for both the covers. Sewn coptic stitch, and with a thin strip of hand painted Japanese Washi paper as a front label, i ended up with this as a first attempt.

Book No. 0001 4x6 in (10x15 cm)

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

My First Coloured Paper - Paper No. 0002

I sorted some old utility bills either printed on yellow / orange paper, or with a lot of yellow / orange print. Shredded as below.
I pulled 20 or so sheets again. These were a lot faster to make, but i was limited by the Number of felts i had.

Paper No. 0002 8x6in (20x15cm) No Additives

Thursday, 15 January 2009

My First Attempt at Making Paper - Paper No 0001

, My first sheets using a basic papermaking kit from Ebay and a basic document shredder from Staples. I shredded a pile of regular utility bills as below.
This is one of the first batch of 20 or so papers i produced in a couple of hours.
Paper No. 0001 8x6 in (20x15 cm) No Additives
The papers are of varying weights, due to both experimentaton, and lack of knowledge. Couched on old 'as found' felt sheets, and pressed between 2 boards using woodworkers ratchet clamps.