Sunday, 28 June 2009

Giveaway Winner!

I'm not sure I've ever won anything on the internet before. But, I recently saw Shannon's offer here on her Bathtub Dreamer blog, and left a message. Therefore, I was a bit suprised to win! Shannon says the book has a fault somewhere that renders the book not up to her usual high standards. Well, I like high standards, but I can't find anything wrong with it! It's a lovely coptic bound book, and I especially like the paper covering the inside covers. Lovely. Thanks Shannon!

Suede & Leather - Book No 0015

Another experiment here. I cut 3 strips of soft red suede, and wove them through slits cut in plain leather cover. I then long stitched the signatures into the covers, as per Keith Smiths "Long Stitch through Slotted Wrapper Cover" (Vol I, pg 141). Not entirely successful sewing, I need more sizes of threads. The thread I used was too thin, I think, as I couldn't line it up very well on the spine. No matter, it feels great now it's finished.
Book No 0015. 6x8.5 inches (16x21 cms)

'Swap' No 0006

So, not a swap as such, but I saw these customiseable Scout Books by Pinball Publishing, advertised on web, and just had to order a free example. I do have my own business, so these may come in useful for that one day. They are very nicely made books, and you can upload your own artwork for the covers, etc. Pinball have recently reduced their minimum order to 50 books for $150, so all in all, a pretty good deal.

Hanging Basket Liner - Paper No 0007

OK, here I was, browsing through the local garden centre when i saw a stack of hanging basket liner. These are the ones made of a papier mache kind of material. They are very cheap, and the quality of the material isn't very high, but pulped in the blender, I experimented making the sheets below. Techniques included layering with other papers, pressing on bubble wrap, etc. Not the best paper, but an interesting exercise following on from my Peat Pot papers!
Paper No. 0007 8x6 in (20x15 cm)