Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Handmade Paper Sample Book

This is another online purchase. This was less than £1. Its a book of sample handmade papers. There are 12 different papers - 3 sheets of each - total 36 pages. They are a wide and varied set of papers, inc: a snake skin design, a marbled paper, printed papers, embossed papers. Some thick, some thin, most are coloured papers. All cord bound in a beautiful, marbled paper covered, stiff boards. Overall book size is 8.5x6.5 inches ( 22x16 cms ) Does anyone recognise this book? I've purchased a second set from a different vendor also for less than £1. So they must be made in bulk somewhere. I've an idea i will strip out the papers leaving one of each, and adding pages from the lots of other handmade papers i have, so building up a big sample book of papers I've used.

Charlotte Clowes Handmade Paper Still Life Picture

I bought this online recently for less than £5. It's a Charlotte Clowes original. The seller didn't advertise it as such, just calling it a handmade paper picture. See here for Charlottes website. Its beutifully made, and very vibrant - much more so than these images show. It's 9x9 inches (22x22 cms).

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Seed Embedded Paper

Heres a freebie I received at work. Its a 2009 calendar, nicely printed on seed embedded paper. The company were playing on the 'eco' side of their business. Anyway, rather than throw it in the bin, I kept it.
I've been looking at it for weeks now, wondering if I shoud bind it in a concertina binding of some sort. Anyway, tonight I decided to see if the seeds are actually live, and i've soaked it in water and put on windowsill to see what happens. If it sprouts, I'll post a pic before i plant it in the garden.
As an aside, I have bought some seeds to put in some of my hand made papers when i get round to it. Wild flower meadow mix, and the old favourite - mustard and cress.

My Self Made Sewing Cradle

Heres a quick post showing my Swing Cradle, just another part of my bookbing toolkit. Construction should be self explanatory, but if anyone wants a tutorial, i can write one.

Tortoise Shell Japanese Stab Binding - Book No 0009

Just a quick 5 minute book this evening. Blue hand made paper, waxed linen thread, with small leather label (with a hole in for no other reason than it was in the scarp i picked up!)

Book No 0009 - 4x4 inches (10x10 cms)

Saturday, 18 April 2009

My First Book with Content - Book No 0008

Today I made this book. I used a programme called Poladroid to turn photos of my 3 year old into old time Polaroid lookalikes - complete with fuzzy image and even the white paper border around. Try it, it's realism is taken as far as that the images take time to 'develop' on screen, and the software needs closing and restarting after 10 images, as in the film cartridge needs changing! So, once I had 18 images, I printed 2 to a page on a photoshop layout (if enough interest - I'll upload the template) on standard glossy 4x6 inch (10x15 cm) photo paper. These were folded to make 9 'signatures'. I then accordian folded a piece of white / silver striped paper, and sewed one signature ('open' end) to each mountain fold. I 'straddled' the fold with the open ends of the folded signature and pamphet stitched them on. I varied the spacing of these sewings, to avoid all 9 knots being in same place inside the spine. I then cut the card cover, and cut the window in the spine. Then I sewed though each valley in spine and looped out and around the paper spine. I did end up tying off directly onto the loops of pamphlet stitch used to hold the signatures! I'm not sure that's a recognised way of doing that, but it worked here!
Book No 0008 - 4x3 inches (10x7.5 cms)
And here is a Poladroid of the middle image above, just so you can see what the software does.

Anyone for a Copper Coffee? - Book No 0007

Inspiration can grab you anywhere. I was on my way to a site meet for my business, and stopped for a coffee at a fuel station on the way. It suddenly occurred to me that the corrugated card insulator used to stop you burning your fingures on way back to your car, could be used as book covers. So, I took a few spares, much to the confusion of the attendant!

So, as coffee is best shared, i made a dos-a-dos book. The 16 page signatures are just ordinary copy paper. On one side the paper edges are dipped in coffee, and on the other, completely immersed in coffee.

Both sides are pamphlet stitched with copper wire. One side stitched internally, the other externally.

Book No. 0007 - 5x3 in (12.5x7.5 cm)

Friday, 17 April 2009

Hell Bank Note Bank-Note-Books

While looking on Ebay for some bank notes to make into my Bank-Note-Books, i found these Hell bank notes. The biggest is huge, it's 18x8 inches (45x20 cms), and the smallest is 5x2.5 inches (12x7 cms). They are designed to be burnt as offerings in Chinese worship. See wikipedia and BigWhiteGuy in Hong Kong for more info. I won't be offering these as my swaps, see here if you would like to swap something book related for my other Bank-Note-Books (and a few of my hand made papers).

Thursday, 16 April 2009

10 Minute Diversion - Origami Book - Book No. 0006

OK, grab a coffee, a piece of paper about 12 inches square, and run this video.

Here's one I made earlier.

Book No. 0006 - 1.5x1.5 in (4x4 cm)

To give credit, I originally saw this on Folding Trees blog.

Little & Large Bank-Note-Books

Heres a few more Bank-Note-Books that I've made for possible swaps (see here if you'd like to swap something book related you've made for one + a few of my handmade papers).

The larger one is a 1923 100,000 Mark German note, pamphlet bound with copper wire, using my Bank Note Paper for end papers, and some very nice cream laid paper for the pages. It is 3.5 x 4.5 inches (9.5 x 11.5 cms). The smaller ones are just over 1.5 x 1.5 inches (4.5 x 4.5 cms)

Links to Bookbinding & Papermaking Blogs

I've just transferred all my links that I have in Bloglines, onto the sidebar of this blog. Theres nigh on 100 links, all related in some way to bookbinding and / or papermaking. They are listed in order of when they last posted, so the blogs that don't get updated often, are at the bottom of the list.

If you know of anymore, please email me at blog[at]sgwilkinson[dot]freeserve[dot]co[dot]uk.

I might try to periodically review some of these sites.


Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Green Chair Press - Blizzard Book Kit - Book No. 0005

I purchased this little book making kit "Making Blizzard and Crown Books" from Green Chair Press. It arrived safely within days of ordering. It contains, as a kit should, all the parts needed to make the 6 page folded blizzard book as shown below. The materials were top class, and the instructions easy enough to follow. A delightful book. I will now get on and make some bigger versions, and Crown versions. I also bought the "Single Sheet Books" kit at the same time, and will report back on those as soon as i've made them. Thoroughly reccomended
Book No. 0005 - 1.5x1.5 in (4x4 cm)
Click here for the Green Chair Press Blog

Tutorial - Handmade Plywood

See my last post for further information and a couple more images of this Book No 0004. The covers of this book are plywood, handmade from thin wood veneer.

How to make Plywood from veneers.

Most commercially available (search on Ebay, etc) wood veneer, is 0.6mm thick, or thereabouts. This is far too thin and fragile to use as book covers on its own, so it needs to be laminated together. As you would expect, exactly like paper, a single sheet of veneer has distinct grain. It bends very easily in one direction (along the grain), but not so easily in the other (across the grain).

Because of these flexing properties, you must laminate adjacent sheets at 90 degrees to each other. ie, if using 3 sheets, the 2 outer sheets should have the grain running 'north - south', with the middle of the sandwich having its grain running 'east - west'.

For my covers, I laminated 3 pieces of veneer, to produce a board approx 1.8mm thick. For bigger boards, more laminations will be required, but always use an odd number of pieces, eg, 3, 5 or 7 pieces, and always alternate the grain direction. Different colour veneers will also be attractive.

The theory is no different to pasting paper onto a cardboard cover for a book, you need to paste paper on both sides, to allow shrinkage / warping of either side to cancel each other out.

I use ordinary pva glue, well spread, and once protected by waxed paper, pressed in my book press until dry.


Timber finishing generally is a huge subject, but this is what i did.

Once dry, trim the boards to size with a knife. Using a very fine sandpaper, sand the faces, and edges of the board. I then applied Boiled Linseed oil sparingly to each side (again, both sides need to be oiled, to avoid distortion in the boards) with a cotton cloth. Rub the oil well in, and buff thoroughly. Ideally, leave for 24 hrs, and repeat the process. Numerous coats build up to produce a wonderful soft sheen.

But, and its a big but, ensure the oil is thoughly dry before taking them anywhere near your paper, as any excess oil will leach into the paper. To ensure this didn't happen, I wrapped the boards in kitchen tissue, and pressed again in the press for 24 hours. My theory is that the pressing will ensure any leaching goes into the tissue. Once you're happy they are dry, you can use the boards.

Coptic Stitch in Handmade Plywood Boards - Book No. 0004

Earlier this week I made a small coptic stitch blank book. This is only my second attempt at coptic stitch, and the stitching was less successful than last time - see here. After reading a few other comments on the web, I've come to the conclusion that bigger is better, especially where beginners are concerned (and that's me!). This book, at half the size of my first attempt, is too small, particularly for the thread I've used. I think a bigger book, with a thicker thread would be better. Roll on next time. The pages are made from my Paper No 0001. There are 8 signatures of 12 pages each, totalling 96 pages.
Book No. 0004 - 3x4 in (7.5x10 cm)
The plywood boards, on the other hand, were particularly successful. I have a hige stack of 100's of different wood veneers to use on various woodworking projects. I picked a nice orange coloured veneer. I'm not sure what the wood is though! See my next post, on how to make plywood from veneers.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Bank-Note-Books with Bank Note Paper Endpapers

Two new Bank-Note-Books, both with endpapers made from my Bank Note Paper. These are the booklets I'm now offering as swaps. They will be versions of these booklets, using the Bank Note Paper endpapers, but varying the banknote used, or the stitching, or the paper used for the pages.