Saturday, 18 April 2009

My First Book with Content - Book No 0008

Today I made this book. I used a programme called Poladroid to turn photos of my 3 year old into old time Polaroid lookalikes - complete with fuzzy image and even the white paper border around. Try it, it's realism is taken as far as that the images take time to 'develop' on screen, and the software needs closing and restarting after 10 images, as in the film cartridge needs changing! So, once I had 18 images, I printed 2 to a page on a photoshop layout (if enough interest - I'll upload the template) on standard glossy 4x6 inch (10x15 cm) photo paper. These were folded to make 9 'signatures'. I then accordian folded a piece of white / silver striped paper, and sewed one signature ('open' end) to each mountain fold. I 'straddled' the fold with the open ends of the folded signature and pamphet stitched them on. I varied the spacing of these sewings, to avoid all 9 knots being in same place inside the spine. I then cut the card cover, and cut the window in the spine. Then I sewed though each valley in spine and looped out and around the paper spine. I did end up tying off directly onto the loops of pamphlet stitch used to hold the signatures! I'm not sure that's a recognised way of doing that, but it worked here!
Book No 0008 - 4x3 inches (10x7.5 cms)
And here is a Poladroid of the middle image above, just so you can see what the software does.


Jan Allsopp said...

Lovely! I will have to check out that software!

Cally said...

After you left a message on my blog, I came looking at yours and have found it inspiring - thank you! I have been wanting to get back into paper making, which I haven't done since my children were younger, and homeschooling. Since then we have moved to the country and in summer we have to be careful of water use (our water is collected off our roof), in winter, I'm not so keen on water play! But your papers and how you use them have me thinking I'll just have to toughen up and get into it this winter.

Simon - Papermaking and Bookbinding said...

Cally, give it a go, i only use a really cheap papermaking kit from Ebay, nothing special!. Regards Simon

parallel-botany said...

I love the retro look that the Poladroid effect gives your book! Will definitely need to check that out for myself.