Friday, 17 July 2009

More Paper Experiments - Paper No 0008

My Dad came to stay for the weekend a while back, and it turns out he's always wanted to make paper, but wasn't sure how to start. So, we had a go. We started with some white cotton? dry pulp fibres, and pulled a few sheets. I don't think he'd realised quite how easy it is to make paper! We then carried on, and added some of my yellow recycled paper - coarsely shredded, then added some lint from the tumble dryer, them added some glitter, and so on. As we were nearing the end of the stack of couching sheets, we decided to add some of my white recycled paper to finish off. Unfortunately, my food mixer died after about 3 seconds, so, what the hell, throw the very coarse white stuff in too! The results are shown below.

My dad went home with all these sheets, and I'm yet to see what he's to do with them. Now, Dad lives in St Ives in Cornwall, and is friends with many of the artists down there, particularly Roy Ray and Jenny Devereux, two of the many well known artists working with paper in St Ives. Check out their websites.

I also understand dad went straight to Truro, and bought all the equipment to make more paper himself. So, watch this space.