Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Coptic Stitch in Handmade Plywood Boards - Book No. 0004

Earlier this week I made a small coptic stitch blank book. This is only my second attempt at coptic stitch, and the stitching was less successful than last time - see here. After reading a few other comments on the web, I've come to the conclusion that bigger is better, especially where beginners are concerned (and that's me!). This book, at half the size of my first attempt, is too small, particularly for the thread I've used. I think a bigger book, with a thicker thread would be better. Roll on next time. The pages are made from my Paper No 0001. There are 8 signatures of 12 pages each, totalling 96 pages.
Book No. 0004 - 3x4 in (7.5x10 cm)
The plywood boards, on the other hand, were particularly successful. I have a hige stack of 100's of different wood veneers to use on various woodworking projects. I picked a nice orange coloured veneer. I'm not sure what the wood is though! See my next post, on how to make plywood from veneers.

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