Friday, 17 April 2009

Hell Bank Note Bank-Note-Books

While looking on Ebay for some bank notes to make into my Bank-Note-Books, i found these Hell bank notes. The biggest is huge, it's 18x8 inches (45x20 cms), and the smallest is 5x2.5 inches (12x7 cms). They are designed to be burnt as offerings in Chinese worship. See wikipedia and BigWhiteGuy in Hong Kong for more info. I won't be offering these as my swaps, see here if you would like to swap something book related for my other Bank-Note-Books (and a few of my hand made papers).


parallel-botany said...

I love hell bank notes! There are a number of places in NY where you can get them, as well as joss paper with gold leaf, which I am especially fond of.

I will get your swap booklet ready this weekend and get it shipped off to you next week.

Also, I added your blog to my blogroll -- thanks for linking to mine!

Lubna said...

These are fantastic Simon - so colourful:-)

Simon - Papermaking and Bookbinding said...

Thanks Lubna, yes, they are certainly colourful!

Simon - Papermaking and Bookbinding said...

Thanks Lisa. I've emailed seperately, and look forward to postman bringing your package. Simon