Saturday, 14 March 2009

Pulp Painting Experiments with 3 Pulps

For this experiment, the 3 pulps used were: The pulps i used for Paper No 0001 & Paper No 0002, and a pulp made from a thin black paper that came as packing in a shoe box. The pulps were blended in the mixer in the usual way, and decanted into saucepans. Then, all of these papers were made using a turkey baster, sucking up the pulp, and laying directly on the mould, with the deckle in place. The hardest part about making these papers was to ensure even pulp thickness. The water was slow to drain too, so that didn't help, and it was mainly guess work, as this was my first attempt at these type of papers. Handy tip is to have a glass of water nearby to suck into the baster between pulps to clear out the remains of the previous colour pulp.
Sunburst. 8x6in (20x15cm) No Additives

Beach Through Barred Window. 8x6in (20x15cm) No Additives

Weave. 8x6in (20x15cm) No Additives

Parallel. 8x6in (20x15cm) No Additives

Blocks. 8x6in (20x15cm) No Additives Circles. 8x6in (20x15cm) No Additives


Iowa Sunshine said...

I love these! I have one piece of handmade paper a lady was kind of enough to send and i hate to use it! =) I love yellow so these would inspire me. I'm still wanting to make a journal but just can't find papers i want. YOur work is great!

SGW said...

Thanks for your kind comments Iowa. Regards Simon