Saturday, 2 May 2009

Swap No 0003 with Lisa from Parallel Botany

I received my swap items in the post from Lisa at Parallel Botany today. I sent Lisa one of my Bank-Note-Books with bank note paper endpapers, and some sheets of my handmade papers. Heres an image below, and Lisa's kind review of my items can be found here. Lisa sent me one of her delightful par avion notebooks. The cover is Lisa's own handmade paper, and features a brilliant watermark of the books title. The pages inside are a delightful mix of pamphlet stitched plain, lined, squared and other papers. In addition, Lisa sent me an assortment of her other handmade papers, including a notelet and envelope (too good to use!), and some gorgeous joss papers. I'll have to think up something to make with them.

Please visit Lisa's blog - Parallel Botany - It's well worth a browse, and bookmark.


parallel-botany said...

Thanks for the mention, I'm glad you like the goodies!

I'm not very good at keeping recipes, unfortunately. I'll try to remember for you:

-The grey paper (circles & envelopes) are a mix of abaca, sisal, and black cotton rag pulps.

-The purple paper is a mix of red and blue cotton rag pulps.

-I *think* the large beige sheet is a mix of white cotton rag pulp and recycled junk mail, colored with tan cold water fabric dye.

-The large red, white & blue sheet was made with pulped tickets leftover from a baseball game.

-The par avion paper is a abaca/sisal/blue cotton rag mix, with a bit of blue cotton and red cotton added after being treated with a coagulant, to keep the colors separate.


Simon - Papermaking and Bookbinding said...

Thanks Lisa. I have a bucket of half inch squares of denim, retting in water. They've been in there for a couple of months now, but no signs of eakening. I'll have to cook them with soda ash i guess.